Wednesday, May 8, 2013

PNUs Chabatgol Teahouse

 Lately I've been studying Korean at the PNU branch of KLIFF (Korean Language Institute for Foreigners). The classes there are excellent and tonnes of fun!
Often before class or after I've been dropping by one of my old favorite haunts : Chabatgol Teahouse. It is easy to get to:
Just go up the street as if you are walking up to Pusan National University's main gate. Up ahead you'll see the NC shopping mall on the right. Stay on the left side of the street and keep going up the street.

 Next you'll come to a GS25 Convenience Store and a narrow alley next to it. Take that left alley:
 At the end on the 3rd floor there's Chabatgol! On the 2nd floor there's a Pool Hall.
 Aha! Here is they're menu to study. Any questions? Post away on this blog or @Busan Tea Cozies on Facebook.

 Since the last time I'd posted they've changed their decor a bit with some calligraphy drawn by Beomosa monks and new lanterns over the lights. They are open every day from 10:30 am to 10:30 pm!


  1. I fell in love with a teahouse in Busan about 4 years ago and I've been looking for it ever since. Don't know if you've been there but figures it doesn't hurt to ask. It was a medium sized place, relatively long, had the rice papered doors but I think they were fake and weren't actually windows. as you walk in the kitchen is kind of hidden to the right and straight ahead is an old fashioned tea sitting room. Other than that, all the other seats are western style. A lady owned it and she sold her tea in glass jars. I was an idiot and didn't take down the name. Does it sound familiar? Very clean lines, simple design and on the second floor of some building down an alley (Yeah. I know. EVERY place is down some alley in Korea). I believe it was near the Lotte hotel. Very quiet and the woman would brew the tea so well. I remember we went in there on a cold winter because we saw a sign that said teahouse right outside. Sorry it sounds vague, but if it sounds familiar, please respond. Thanks!

  2. Sorry, it doesn't ring any bells. I shall search for it though : beside the Lotte Hotel on both sides of the railway tracks (under the two bridges before the English Village, then behind the hotel until I reach the night club district. Sweep the area I shall. Keep you posted I will.....

  3. Thanks! Going back to Korea in a few months and it'll be great to drink there again. Found an old photo and it looks like the tables are made of a dark wood and the walls are green. Top half is light green and the bottom half is dark with leaves. She gave us a tea plate of roasted seeds to eat with the tea. Walking distance from Lotte hotel and I think we passed (or was in the area) of the Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You building. The sign was definitely in English and I think it wasn't that big but big enough for us to see it when walking by. Thanks for checking into it and nice Yoda reference. =D

  4. No teahouses behind Lotte Deptartment store except Hanabang which doesn't match your description. However : This might be the one you were referring to: It is in Someyeon near Judies TaeHwa my review on it below:

  5. Oh crap! That actually might be it! The last photo on your blog looks almost like what they served! They served these little seeds in those tiny plates (could be all the tea houses, don't know). Thanks so much!