Sunday, March 10, 2013

Cooking with tea traditionally

 Available on (which ships to Korea taking a month or so to get here) or from Seoul's What The Book which take about 10 days to arrive, Mistress Oriku : Stories from a Tokyo Teahouse describes the life of Mistress Oriku, owner of a teahouse in Tokyo's now famous Asakusa neighborhood.

     Her tea house was famous for its Ochazuke which is a kind of fish and rice soup with a green tea broth. At Oriku's tea house her Ochazuke was made with clams from the nearby river. To make your own Ochazuke at home here is a recipe for Ochazuke found at The Tea Horse Caravan.

At some point later in the semester I shall try out this recipe with ingredients found at the local department store. Until then, stay steeped!

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