Thursday, July 5, 2012

Someyeon's Busiest Teahouse

Located in the heart of Busan, in the bustling downtown area of Someyeon, 내고형전통찻집 Nae Ko Hyung Jun Tong Chat Chip: My Hometown Traditional Teahouse is one of the busiest teahouses in Busan. There is a constant, steady flow of patrons all day and on into the night there. Here's a brief tour of what you'll find:

Plenty of seating options: booths, chairs, awesome swivel chairs and a tatami flooring area (you can see the shoes off step in the picture).
All of the teas served here very fresh with strong flavors. It is easy to see why this is the busiest teahouse in Busan second only to Hanabang behind Lotte Dept.Store. NaeKoHyung is famous for their Omejacha (5 flavors tea) pictured here ask for it cold in summer. If you don't specify it may come hot or cold depending on the server ! ;-) The servers wear hanbok @ this place ! It is very traditional (It is near cluttered with antiques all over the place) and popular with the Buddhist monks of the Busan area.

This teahouse is located near Yonggwang Bookstore. (The bookstore across the busy street infront of Lotte Dept.Store in Someyeon). Next to Yonggwang is a bank across the small oneway street next to the bank is a small bakery. On the 2nd floor above the bakery you'll see a green sign that says 내고형전통찻집 and that's where you'll find one of, if not the best, teahouse in Busan.

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