Sunday, December 6, 2015

Raise Your Pinky If You Would Care For An Afternoon Tea !

Here's a brief review of two of the few British style afternoon tea services on offer here in Busan. There is one more out there I am told but I have yet to find it...Once I do I shall pin it on the map as I have all the others (including the others to be read of below).

It's no occident : for more Orientation do see the Tea Treasure Map of Busan.

Park Hyatt Hotel  (Centum)
Come on up to the 30th Floor for a fine Afternoon Tea : Coffee or tea and a three tiered tray of savories (scones pastries etc.) (Extra charge for Champagne).

Afternoon Tea is served Mon-Sat 2-6pm Sun 3-6pm
Reservations and information : +82 51 990 1300. 
Do call and check the price as it's been awhile since I'd been there.

They also have an evening service from 6pm-11 providing a fine variety of fine cocktails, wines and beers. 70,000won for two.

Further details may be found via their website : Park Hyatt Hotel Busan Just click "activities" at the top.

Here is another review and blogpost regarding Afternoon Tea at the Hyatt that has wonderful pictures to gives you a good idea of what is to be found high up on the 30th floor via the blog An Irish Girl Abroad.

Adela 7 (Haeundae New Town)
Oh the delights of Adela!!!  One lesser known place is the Bakery Cafe Adela 7 located in Haeundae New Town.

They provide sandwiches cheese cakes and chocolates! Hands down they are indeed the most devinely delicious for afternoon tea in Busan !

Although they are hard to get to in Haeundae (so far inland and all from the actual beach and a bit up from the Jangsan subway), many have told me that there is indeed a second location in Someyeon.  Once I find it I shall duly inform all of you savory net-surfing tea sippers!

That's the only downside to the Adela 7 in Haeundae : It's tricky to get to, whereas one in Someyeon ?  - well, win win and win ! While the Hyatt has the view and tea equal to Adela, Adela has savories far superior ! Until next time, may you find yourself in fine condition over a cup of the Camellia.

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