Thursday, November 19, 2015

Tea and Craft Fair at Bexco this weekend !

Well, I've updated the Tea Treasure Map of Busan to include the 2 new 오가.다 teahouses in Busan and also the wonderful O'Sulloc Teahouse located in Someyeon's NC Department store. I shall be writing a review on that fine teahouse in the next few weeks. They, like many of the new teahouses these days, are offering special seasonal menu items along with their regular menu items.

     Also, this weekend the 14th Busan International Tea and Craft Fair will be held at Bexco. It starts this Thursday Nov.19th and goes until the 22nd. 10am-5:30pm.3000won/person.  There will be many demonstrations of tea ceremonies as well as things to buy from various vendors.

I'm looking forward to the seeing the cast iron tea cauldrons that they are making nowadays in South Korea.

For those interested in 'matcha' or "malcha" in the Korean : I recommend looking out for the vendor that sells various teas in powdered form : they sell not only traditional green but various other non-caffeinated powdered leafies for wisking up in a teabowl (i.e. : barley leaf powders etc.).

One other vendor to keep an eye out for is the one selling 'golden bamboo shoot tea'. I hope they will be back again : last time they were handing out samples and it was wonderful ! Anyhow, I'm off to hit the sack after a fine Chamomile. Best wishes and stay steeped!

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