Wednesday, September 25, 2013

9th Busan International Tea Cultural Festival

This September 27th - 29th The 9th Busan the Internationival Tea Cultural Festival will be held at the Busan Cultural Center located in Daeyeondong near the UN Park.

There will be many booths promoting various kinds of teas, live music, tea ceremonies, Korean tea savories on display, a pottery exhibit and much more! Do come down to see it.

For a better idea on what it will be like, do check out the 7th Busan International Tea Cultural Festival I covered before. Last time I went they had a Japanese tea ceremony. Every year the tea events become more and more 'international'. I'm hoping this year they'll have some Chinese content as's hoping! And do stay steeped!


  1. I am heading to Busan in 2 weeks time. Such a pity! I would love to have been there for this. To think i'm missing out on my local tea gathering because of my trip...

    Am wondering are there any local tea houses/ceramic places that stock chawans etc in Busan?

  2. Tamina in Nampodong market sells them. The Chawans are a good price too : 20,000 won - 50,000 won. The more expensive ones are at harder to find places in town. (There are two matcha 'hardware' stores in town). The link to find Tamina is on the bottom of this post.
    Another good place is 2-3 small shops across from the Nampodong/Gwangbok Lotte Department Store : there is the big old building that is the old department store. At the back (not the big main busy street side which would be the front) on its 1st floor are 2 matcha shops with teabowls in the Omotesenke and also some in the Urasenke style. They commonly sell for around 200,000 won and up. I do hope this is of some help. --MWT.