Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sencha 煎茶 and Sumo 相撲

All this week Sumo wrestling is on TV via Japan's NHK broadcasting channel!                   To celebrate I pulled out my Chinese Gong-Fu teaset and brewed up some Japanese sencha green tea (煎茶) I picked up in Osaka to go with of all things nachos and salsa. I chose the sencha as it is Japanese matching the sumo. The gaiwan, as it was how we took the tea at an old teaseller's shop in Osaka. The lid of the gaiwan preserves the scent of the tea quite well.
The natcho chips and salsa are of course a western sports tradition...

 In breaks in the action I've been reading book 2 in the Tea Shop Mysteries series by Laura Childs.
Set in Charleston U.S.A the book is steeped in American teahouse culture providing, in the midst of the mystery plenty of information on different teas as well as the pastries served with them as part of the British/Western tea culture.
Ever since "Death by Darjeeling" I've been hooked on the series. Her website provides her stories in chronological order along with a synopsis for each : Tea Shop Mysteries.

I most highly recommend her stories for those getting into western tea culture or those looking to expand their western tea service.
 Here's a picture of my gaiwan. I'll provide instruction on using a gaiwan in a future post. Once I get better and more familiar with the Gong-Fu tea ceremony.


  1. It's cool to connect Sumo with Sencha. In green tea like sencha vitamin C and other healthy elements are included as you know. You study Western tea and Asian for your original tea, Mr.T?

  2. I have studied Asian tea for a semester so far but haven't studied western tea at all. Theres so much more in Asian tea I want to study before I get into western tea.