Sunday, April 3, 2011

Someyeon's 오!자네왔는가 Oh! Janae Watnunga or Oh! You came!

So far the count is 5 teashops in Someyeon. 2 close to the Lotte Department store (the old coffeeshop like 하나방 and the rooftop house beside Wabar 다전) and 3 near Judies TaeHwa (the one with well blended fruit teas 행복한 찻집, the zen garden like 다소울 and finally the very old style Korean 오!자네왔는가. Do see the Busan Tea Cozies Facebook site: The discussion section has turned into a database on teahouse locations and each places' menu items.

Sadly I didn't take any interior pics, you'll just have to see this place for yourself. There's the low style Korean ondol seats by the window and also several tables with chairs to sit at. This place has it all.
This place is on the same street as the previously reviewed Happy Teahouse/행복한 찻집. To get to Oh! You came, start at the above ground McDonalds, near Dunkin Donuts and the 2F Outback steakhouse. Walk to the Burger King restaurant. In the same block of the BurgerKing, across from Judies Tae-Hwa you'll see what is pictured above: a pharmacy. With your back to this drugstore you'll see what's in the next picture.

 Tada! On the 3rd floor above the foodstand Dokpoki/Odang shop you'll see Oh! You came.
Their menu is all in Korean so I'll take you through it. It is divided into several sections. With several green teas and a large Chinese tea section they also have several unique flower teas: 새싹감잎차: SaeSak: baby, Kamip: persimmon leaf, Cha: tea, 민들레차: dandelion tea.
They also have 목련차/magnolia tea and 수국차/hydrangea flower tea. All of which I have yet to try. This place is worth several visits indeed. As I make menu discoveries at this place I shall post it to the Facebook site so stay tuned to there too.
They are open daily from 12am to 12pm great if you're in the Someyeon area and have just finished work, or if not a good place to drop by on the weekend. Pictured below is the 대추차 I ordered. It came with a side dish of shelled sunflower seeds. The dim lighting in the evening is great for settling down before heading home. Not so great for interior pictures though. They do sell some tea items including the 홍화차 I'd mentioned in another earlier post.
Wishing you a pleasant evening and a wonderful time in touring the teashops.  Till next time, stay steeped. M.T.


  1. Sadly, this teahouse has closed. There are 2 large franchise teahouses in the nearby NC Department store though...