Sunday, November 22, 2015

One building with Two teashops: Someyeon's NC Department Store

In the last few years Someyeon's then Milliore Department store had been doing rather poorly. It was a great place for getting discounts on clothes and bags. It has since changed to NC Department store and right from its opening day it has been a busy place. Now it sells more upscale clothing items and it also has 2 teashops inside as well.  NC Department store is located east of Someyeon's main rotary intersection and is open from 10:30am-10pm. It can be found on my Tea Treasure Map of Busan (which also now has been updated to include Gwangali's Japanese Tea Ceremony store).

     Although 오가.다 (Ogada) teashop has closed in Gwangali, there are still several Ogada Teahouse locations in South Korea, two of them in Busan. One of which is on the 4th Floor of the NC Department Store at the top of one of the escalators. It is a great place for slightly modified versions of traditional Korean teas .Although it is more of a stand than an actual shop it does offer a menu in English as well as in Korean.

 Higher up on the 5th floor is the fast becoming famous Jeju Island brand O'Sulloc. Despite the name, it is not Irish and no, they don't serve beer. It is South Korean and very modern in style. As you can see, they have, in addition to their regular menu, seasonal menu items. This winter they have roasted green tea lattes.

Most Korean green leaf tea is roasted, unlike the Japanese green tea 'sencha' which is steamed. This latest item at O'Sulloc is roasted slightly more than the usual light roasting that is common for a Korean green. 

It has a much deeper taste bringing it closer to coffee than any other green tea really is. Indeed green tea is always very unlike coffee. 

Teas that come close to coffee would be an Assam (purchaed at Twosome Place coffee shop here in S.Korea) or an English Breakfast (steeped to a nutty brown). O'Sulloc's roasted green fits in well with those such teas. And, if you are looking for something closer to your mocchiato well, you can get your green topped with whipping cream as well on the roasted green tea caramel latte. For the health concious among us you can get the regular roasted green with soy milk. Chacon son gout as the French say : to each his own! Plus ca difference! 

Also of note is the excellent always busy Korean buffet on the upper floor : The food there is absolutely amazing !!! 

As well as one floor higher on the top floor a most excellent Japanese Rameyeon restaurant in the food court area : just look for the giant painting of Fuji Mountain.  

There is lots to see in Someyeon and NC is worth seeing! Definitely drop by ! Until then, stay steeped and toasty warm out there. It is getting a tad rather chilly.

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