Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Osulloc Magnolia Blossom Tea

My evening tea has been greatly enhanced by a Korean tisane from Osulloc. I'm not sure if the brand is Osulloc or perhaps owned by one of those Korean Irish we can find in Seoul's St.Patricks Day Parade: one of the O'Sulloc's.

Joking aside this is one excellent tea company (and no I'm not taking any won for saying so).
The company is based on Jeju island where they produce a wide variety of teas.

It is one of the main brands in Korea with a huge tea shop in Seoul's Insadong neighborhood. As Seoul is nosebleed expensive compared to Busan, their tea sets there are quite expensive but of good serviceable quality. Taking tea in Insadong usually costs 10USD/10,000won versus the standard Busan teahouse where tea costs between 4USD/4,000won and 6USD/6,000won. But that's Seoul for ya!
For those in Busan, their teas are available at Shinsaegae Department Store.
Their website can be found here though it is mostly in Korean.
Their Magnolia Blosson tea is one of their best tisanes: flavorful yet easy on the stomach.

For best results: water under boiling 90degrees or less. I only use 3-4 leaves at a time steeping for 3-4 minutes. The package suggests 300ml for 2 minutes, though I prefer to use a gaiwan and use my tea sparingly. Either way I highly recommend this tea. It provides a wonderful alternative to Chamomille in the evenings.

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